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messy garage that needs to be organized

Case Study #1

A client had recently moved and the garage had become a catch all. I was brought in to tidy it up and make better use of the space. Most of the sorting had happened before the move so it was a matter of putting similar items together and modifying the space that was available. There were shelves that could be used but needed doors removed. There was also a handy eaves space that could be used  to clear out items that were not needed often.

Case Study #2

A friend’s elderly relative was no longer able to live at home so I was called in to clear out the space.  It was evident that their aunt had not been able to get around and take care of her home in quite awhile. I sorted and donated a lot of items as well as rescued some valuable family pieces. In this case, the clutter was so extensive, I had to bring in a dumpster to take care of the discarded items but the family did end up holding an estate sale once all the items were sorted.

messy garage that needs to be organized