a trunk full of vintage LP records and 45s to illustrate items found in estate cleanouts

Clearing out the house after the death of  a loved one is one of the most difficult tasks any of us can face. I have experience in estate cleanout and want to help you make the decisions that have to be made. Initially, I ask the client to identify important papers and valuables that have already been claimed so they do not become lost in the estate cleanout. In some cases, items will be set aside for others to go through at a later date or  held for a future estate sale. I will take care of donating items if it is needed. Following my safe disposal policy, I will collect old medication, outdated electronics and expired toxic items and make sure that they are disposed of properly. If appropriate, I am able to set up and run estate sales.


I can also help with downsizing a home for relocation. If your loved one has to enter an assisted living facility or nursing home or they simply need to move into a smaller home, it can be hard to go through their possessions and decide what can go with them and what needs to be donated or given to other family members. I have faced this myself and would be happy to help you decide what will be needed.