a packed POD for moving with a dolly in the foreground

Moving can be a hassle – from beginning to end. I am experienced in sorting and packing items for moving. In most instances, a move is a great time to really go through your items and decide if they are really worth paying to move. And, of course, in some cases, the move is a drastic downsizing that means you have to cut down on the number of treasures you get to keep.

I will help sort items to be donated or consigned. I have several non-profits that I use; Saks Thrift Store, Treasures, Petaluma Pet Pals Thrift. In some instances, it is necessary to hire a dumpster and that is not included in my hourly price. I have a safe disposal policy so I will collect old medications, electronics and toxic materials (paint, cleaning supplies) and make sure that they get disposed of properly.

I am also experienced at helping set up a new home or office to get you back on your feet from a move. I can take care of disposing of moving boxes, once they are unpacked.