I have a two tiered pricing system that we can discuss onsite. In some cases, clients need help organizing their clutter and this will result in more of a reorganization rather than a ‘clearing out’. Other clients will need the full service – clearing out, reorganization, and disposal of items or sale.

Dispersal of Goods

Different clients have different needs. Some people have items that can be reused and  donated. We can discuss whether you will be taking them yourself or I will be taking them to an appropriate donation site. Once the items have left the premises, it is up to me to take care of them.

In other instances, clients may want to set aside items for a future garage/estate sale. That would be determined at the time but boxing up goods would be included in my hourly rate. I am also able to set up and run estate sales.

Safe Disposal of Toxic Materials

I feel strongly that medications, electronics and toxic materials should not enter into the mainstream waste management system. I will collect these types of discarded goods from the job and deliver them to the appropriate agency.

chaotic photo to show clutter that I can help clear out
pill bottle with pills to emphasize the safe disposal of meds