Many spaces in your house and garage can become disorganized. There is usually that one space where ‘stuff’ gets thrown that you can’t decided about. I can come in and help you decide what items you need to keep, where they can go and how to reorganize them in that space. It can be a garage, craft room, office or wherever clutter is getting the upper hand. In many cases, I will start by opening boxes and start arranging like things together. It is definitely a collaborative effort.

If items can be donated, they will be set aside and either I will take them or you will take them to the donation site of your choice.  In some cases, a dumpster is needed for maximum decluttering to be achieved. That rental fee is not included in my fee.

I have a safe disposal policy so I will collect old medications, electronics and toxic materials (paint, cleaning supplies) and make sure that they get disposed of properly at a registered site.


messy garage


tidied garage